NHS Central to Miliband’s Campaign

With the 2015 General Election looming the main party leaders are starting to set out their campaign, Ed Miliband was in Manchester for the Labour Party conference.

In his speech he decided to centre his campaign around ‘saving’ the NHS. BBC reported that he was expecting to raise £2.5 billion in a bid to “save and transform” (MIliband) the NHS. Ed Miliband also said the boost would create 36,000 new jobs for health professionals by the year 2020, these new jobs would be comprised of 20,000 nurses. 8,000 GP’s, 5,000 care workers and 3,000 midwives.

The Labour Party leader planned to raise the boost for the NHS with additional taxes, firstly the long awaited mansion tax which is projected to raise £1.2 billion to £1.4 billion per annum by taxing houses that are worth over £2 million, secondly a crackdown on tax firms requiring them to pay £150 million towards the healthcare of smoking related illnesses and lastly a crackdown on tax loopholes which is expected to generate £1.1 billion as reported by the Guardian.

The Independent likened Ed Miliband’s proposed crackdown on tobacco firms to measures taken in 2009 by US President Barack Obama which would mean they would be based on the market share which (according to The Guardian) makes it harder for the costs to be passed on to consumers. MIliband accused the tobacco firms of making “soaring profits on the back of ill health.”

The crackdown on loopholes would comprise of shutting down the Eurobonds loophole which allows organisations to transfer profits out of the UK therefore avoiding corporation tax. He also plans to generate over half the expected £1.1 billion by preventing the hedge funds from paying zero tax. The final measure included in this part of the boost is to prevent umbrella companies so you can prevent them from avoiding tax and national insurance.

The Guardian’s coverage of Labour’s decision to centre their campaign around the NHS explains the campaign’s structure which is looking to centre around Miliband’s six points one of which is his proposal of change for the NHS. BBC gave a very broad view on the topic and used lots of factual evidence compared to the views offered by the other two publications which offered more depth yet less statistical data.


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