Two English Mavericks Finding a Way Back

Over the years all sports have had a player that has stunned the country with undoubted talent that many others cannot recreate but also incredible stupidity that the fans marvel at in disbelief that someone with such a gift would be so ridiculous and unmindful about their actions.

  1. Kevin Pietersen

The English cricketer dropped after a horrific Ashes series in Australia, the talented batsman may well have found himself back in the England set up under incoming chair of the ECB Colin Graves. Kevin Pietersen is an incredible talent, his batting is astoundingly brilliant. The great Kevin Pietersen scored over 8,000 runs in 104 tests for England and has also performed admirably in the Indian Premier League which is regarded as the best domestic cricket league in the world. Pietersen’s antics caused rifts in the dressing room with both Alistair Cook and Andrew Strauss when they captained England. Pietersen has frankly not done himself many favours but he is undoubtedly England’s most talented batsman of this generation.

2. Danny Cipriani

The Wasps wonderkid, he was the sensational talent with pace and a kicking game to put any other fly-half to shame. So how did the starlet end up in Melbourne having only played a handful of international games for England and and one point exiled from the England squad by Martin Johnson. Cipriani’s international career was doomed from the start, the fly-half was spotted coming out of a nightclub hours before he was due to play for England and gain his first cap. The the Wasps back was claiming he was just dropping tickets off to a friend but he was dropped. In 2008 there was a reported fight between Cipriani and World Cup winner Josh Lewsey, Cipriani clearly involved having a cut lip and a nose injury. The fly-halves long term relationship with Kelly Brook was hugely controversial as many questioned his commitment to the game after poor displays against South Africa and Australia. In 2011 he moved to Melbourne and some off-field misdemeanours did him no favours before he returned to England in 2012 and Lancaster has integrated the fly-half back into the squad.

Both these players are undoubtedly brilliant talents and have shone in their respective sports. Their off-field behaviour has been less than exemplary and that has hinderde their test careers. Cipriano is back in the England squad and a return for Kevin Pietersen is looking more and more likely. These mavericks are what make sport special so I hope for all of us that the batsman does find his way back.

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