Klopp Resurrecting Liverpool

Liverpool one of the great clubs in the Premier League left reeling after a season of poor results and losing arguably their greatest players ever, Steven Gerrard.

Rodgers left and the Anfield board decided that the flamboyant German, Jurgen Klopp as the new manager in the north west.


Klopp has been a hugely successful manager at his former clubs including Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund. He managed an incredible two consecutive Bundesliga titles with Dortmund and he also led the side to a Champions League final which they narrowly lost to Bundesliga rivals Bayern Munich.

The ‘normal one’ as he has dubbed himself in response to ‘The Special One’ tag linked to manager Mourinho.


Klopp arrived at Liverpool to a great fanfare from fans and pundits alike, hoping and expecting an impact from the manager.

Two huge away results have made it look as though the appointment of Klopp could be inspired. The 4-1 win over Manchester City in the Premier League and the 6-1 obliteration of Southampton in the Capital One Cup make it look as though good things could be improving for the Anfield based club.

Klopp has also looked to youth to resurrect this team, with one man making a real difference to Klopp’s new team. Young English midfielder Jordan Ibe has made a real splash since Klopp joined.


Ibe has some really quick feet, good skills and youth, is he the complete player? Of course not but his potential is something that could make him very important to the future of Liverpool.

This brave new era is looking promising for Liverpool and if Klopp can continue to improve the form of his new club a title could be in the pipeline for the club.

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